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You will love your dog more and he will be well adjusted if he knows what you want from him.


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About Kandi Certified Dog Trainer

My name is Kandi. I have been training dogs and previously training horses for over 40 years. I am a Certified Trainer. It is of the utmost importance that the entire training process be tailored to the family and their pet. With more than the average knowledge and experience, I can let you know what the training focus needs to be. Dogs are happier when they know their owners are pleased with their behavior. The difference in a trained dog and untrained is not just the response or adjustability of the dog. There are safety issues as well that can be addressed. Private boarding for the sessions is the best for amazing results. I believe in positive reinforcement. Each owner and dog has different needs. I evaluate that particular breed and needs of the owner(s) in relationship with their pet.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training is my love. You will love your dog more and he will be well adjusted if he knows what you want from him. I have been successful in obedience and advanced obedience and all kinds of problem solving. Also I started with horses years ago and am still willing to teach horseback riding.

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We make you and your dog happy

  • We love our dogs ...
  • We will love them more when they are trained !
  • Do you have a rescue dog?
  • Is your dog too rough with your family?
  • Will your dog walk with you without pulling?
  • Do you wish your dog could do tricks?
  • Do you wonder if your dog is too old or too young to be taught?
  • Are you constantly making excuses for your dog's behavior?

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Do not forget:

Dog training takes time, to make it easy for the dog please bring along with your dog its food and its own bed!

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